Oscilloscopes ST-16A

innotech Oscilloscopes - ST-16A



Model ST-16A


General Portable Oscilloscope complete with synchronizing system and X input mode and with technology parameter

Display : 2inch screen

Brandwidth : DC10MHz-3dB

Deflection Factor : 5mV/div-5V/diV+/-5%

Rise Time : d35ns

Sweep Rate : 0.1us/div~0.1s/div+/-5%.

Trigger Modes : TV Auto Norm TV and Trigger

Source : INT EXT LINE and Trigger

Sensitivity : INT less than 1div EXT less than 0.3Vp-p. Cal.

Signal : Voltage 0.5Vp-p+/-2%

Frequency : 1kHz+/-2%

Dimension: 135x215x305mm

Weight : 4kg



Brosur : Oscilloscope_04.pdf

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