Oscilloscopes MOS-620CH

innotech Oscilloscopes - MOS-620CH


Model MOS-620CH


• Student Dual Channels Oscilloscope, with 20MHz bandwidth

• High luminance, 6-inch rectangular type, internal graticule CRT

• Fully sealed long live vertical mode switch

• ALT Triggering Function. Two independent signals

• Simultaneous observation, 10 times sweep magnification

• TV Synchronization, X-Y mode. Bandwidth: DC~20MHz

• Sensitivity and accuracy: 5mV~5V/DIV. Rise Time: Approx.17.5ns

• DC balance shift: 5mV~5V/DIV: ±0.5DIV, 1mV~2mV/DIV ±2.0DIV

• Sweep time: 0.2uSec~0.5Sec/DIV,20steps in 1-2-5 sequence

• Sweep time accuracy: ±3%. Triggering modes: AUTO, NORM, TV

• Triggering source: CH1, CH2, LINE, EXT, EXT

• Triggering signal input: Approx: 1MΩ/ approx.25pF

• Max. input voltage: 400V (DC+AC peak)

• AC: Frequency not higher than 1KH

• Frequency bandwidth: DC to at least 500KHz


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