Thermo-Anemometer HT-380

innotech Thermo-Anemometer - HT-380

Digital Anemometer model HT-380


  • High sensitive and accurate
  • Wind speed and temperature measurement multi-function display
  • Measurement units: m/s (1.00-30.00m/s), km/h (3.6-108.0 km/h), ft/min (196-5900 ft/min), knots (1.94-58.0 knots), mph (2.24-67.0 mph),CFM, Temperature: ºC (0ºC-50ºC) or ºF (32ºF-122ºF)
  • Low battery indication Automatic shut down
  • Auto Power off:After 15 minutes with disable feature
  • Size:245mmx55mmx33mm

Brosur : HT-380.pdf

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