Thermal Imaging Camera TIC-300

innotech Thermal Imaging Camera - TIC-300

Model : TIC-300

  • Quick operation functions
  • Real-time 50 Hz image display and analysis
  • Three types of temperature units available (ºC, K ,ºF)
  • Built-in flash memory to store up to 1000 images in JPEG format
  • Quick access button settable for your operation
  • Built-in laser pointer for an easy target locating


  • Ultra compact structure and easy operation

The compact and ultra-light design allows the user to handhold the camera easily to aim the target. Ergonomic control buttons enable the realization of all functions.

  • Accurate temperature measurement and high image quality

TIC-300 offers you unmatched temperature measurement accuracy with thermal sensitivity of 0.1°C. And clear, noise-free, excellent quality images displaying on the camera’s 2.5"color LCD provides you an instance access to defects.

  • Multi temperature measurement mode

TIC-300 integrates varies measurement mode: from basic one movable spot mode to advanced modes such as multi-movable spots and areas with average/max/min temperature tracing, line profile, isotherms and temperature difference, all of which enable operator to get clear target temperature situation all-sided and quickly. The function of visible and audible alarms allows camera assist operators observing selected area automatically.

  • Built-in flash memory

Built in flash memory store up to 1000 image of JPEG picture format along with 40 seconds voice annotation per image, it is convenient for operators to refresh the memory of shooting situation.

  • Intelligent power control system

Automatic shutdown and sleep mode are designed for saving the battery power, which could stand up to 3 hours continuous operation.

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