Thermal Imaging Camera TIC-200

innotech Thermal Imaging Camera - TIC-200

Model : TIC-200

Powerful multi-purpose camera with all professional functions, Ergonomically designed with the side open 360 degree rolling LCD

  • Outstanding image quality
  • Ergonomic lightweight and portable
  • Laser pointer
  • Ergonomically designed with the side open 360 degree rolling LCD
  • Universal JPEG image storage
  • Intelligent multi-function shortcut keys


  • Ergonomic figure designing

The unique figure structure with "D" is ergonomic balance and comfort. Hold the TIC-200 in your hand, rolling the LCD in any angle, the operator always has a good position to target the object in any direction.

  • Precise temperature measurement and extraordinary image quality

The TIC-200 indicates the accurate temperature measurement with the thermal sensitivity of 0.10ºC. 2.8ºC high resolution colored LCD display excellent quality, extremely clear noise-free images.

  • Easy operation

The self-defined multi-function shortcut key helps the users operate the camera more flexible. And user-friendly joystick provides simple menu option and comfortable button on the camera offers the easy one-handed operation.

  • Flexible JPEG image storage

The camera offers built-in flash and optional SD card flexible to store high quantity of JPEG images. The storage capability is up to 10000 with 1G SD card.

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