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UV756 Spectrophotometer


- It adopts 1200 pieces of high-performance grating and new optical source ensures that it will shift more fast.
- Accurate 2nm bandwidth ensures exact data. The use of imported long-life photometric source makes instrument much quick.
- Special wavelength controlling system make high-precision wavelength and improved photometric
system guarantees more accurate testing.
- It adopts light and electricity shift which promote instrument’s sensitivity.
- New microcomputer processing system makes instrument more simple ans stable.
- It adopts 128x64 dots LCD display which can display standard curve and measuring data. Main machine can store measuring data and assemble printer.
- UV-756 adds the functions of auto-scanning and combining microcomputer.


- Type : UV756/756CRT
- Wavelength Range : 190-1100nm
- Wavelength Accuracy : ±0.5nm
- Wavelength Repeatability : 0.2nm
- Spectral Bandwidth : 2nm
- Color Transmittance Accuracy : ±0.5%T
- Color Transmittance Repeatability : 0.2%T
- Color Transmittance Range : 0.0-125%T
- Absorbance Range : -0.031-2.5A
- Concentration Range : 0-1999
- Stray Light : 0.3%T@220nm, 360nm
- Stability : ±0.002A/h
- RS232 USB interface
- Printer Configuration
- Analysis Software Support
- Packaging Wooden Box
- Documents Data report and other quality certificate documents


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