Oven DOF-230E

innotech Oven - DOF-230E

Forced Air Drying Oven

DOF series blast drying oven has the characteristics of new model, advanced technology, accurate temperature control, stable performance, easy maintenance, convenient operation and so on. It is suitable for drying, baking, wax melting and heat treatment in laboratories of industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, medicine and health institutions, etc.

Specifications :

• Capacity : 230 ltr
• Temp. Range : RT+10~300℃
• Consumption : 800W
• Power Supply : 220V, 50Hz
• Internal Size (W x D x H) : 600 x 500 x 750mm
• External Size (W x D x H) : 730 x 670 x 1220mm

Brosur : Forced air drying oven.pdf

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