Incubator BJPX Series

innotech Incubator - BJPX Series

Biochemistry Incubator

  • With LED touched screen display
  • Audio and visual alarm
  • Double-layer door structure and adjustable shelves
  • Temperature 0-60°C, temperature fluctuation ±0.5°C.

Available in models:


  • BJPX-Diego, cap 60L, 2 shelves, power consumption 250W, chamber size 380x300x440mm, external size 510x525x970mm
  •  BJPX-Harford, cap 80L, 2 shelves, power consumption 350W, chamber size 440x320x520mm, external size 570x545x1100mm
  •  BJPX-Dover, cap 150L, 3 shelves, power consumption 450W, chamber size 480x390x780mm, external size 610x620x1435mm
  •  BJPX-Newark, cap 250L, 3 shelves, power consumption 700W, chamber size 570x500x850mm, external size 700x735x1500mm
  •  BJPX-Warren, cap 300L, 3 shelves, power consumption 800W, chamber size 570x540x950mm, external size 700x770x1600mm

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