Gas Sensors & Controllers High Precision SF6 Gas Leak Detector

innotech Gas Sensors & Controllers - High Precision SF6 Gas Leak Detector




This instrument is special for detecting leakage of SF6 gas, most suitable for power supplying company, installation & overhaul company, electric test institute and manufacturers of SF6 high voltage switches.

Main features

- Very small size, light and portable, handheld serpentine probe, flexibleconnection wire
- Super-high sensitivity, corresponding to very slight halogen gas, can detect gas minimum 3g annual leakage!
- Big measuring range: may detect SF6 leakage within the leakage rate of SF6 switches, two grades can be shifted.
- High accuracy: advanced method of calibration, high accuracy standard line
- Digital LCD displaying, acoustic & optical alarming when there is SF6
- Quick reaction speed, short resuming duration
- Long site servicing time: chargeable battery, one time charge can work more than 8 hours

Main technical data

- Min. detecting value: 1ppm
- Detecting range: 1~2000ppm
- Corresponding time: < 10s
- Resuming time: < 10s
- Displaying value error: ≤±10%
- Repeatability error: ≤5%
- Max. sensitivity when sensor in static: 3g per year
- Displaying method: LCD displaying and multi-frequency audible alarm
- Probe detecting length: handheld, probe length can be 1m
- Continuous working duration: 8 hours
- Power supply: chargeable battery and AC&DC
- Ambient temperature: -25℃~+50℃, RH≤85%
- Weight: 2kg
- Dimension: 230 x 130 x 46mm


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