Flow Meter F3CL/F3RO

innotech Flow Meter - F3CL/F3RO

Clip-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Model F3CL/F3RO

Features :
- Easy to install, no pipe damaging
- No adjustment
- LCD color display
- Screen display in 4 direction rotation

Functions :
- Flow Controlling and Monitoring Totalizer
- Water distribution
- Leak monitoring

Applications :
HVAC, washing industries, residential water, modern agricultural irrigation, garden irrigation, water in production process, industrial circulating water, reclaimed water, pure/ultra pure water, bathing industry, swimming pool, laundry industry, inland aquaculture, etc.

Model Type :
- F3CL, Output Configurations : RS485, 4~20mA
- F3RO, Output Configurations : RS485, OCT Pulse or Relay


Brosur : F3CL_F3PRO.pdf

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