Refrigerator LTB120 Blood Bank Refrigerator

innotech Refrigerator - LTB120 Blood Bank Refrigerator

LTB120 Blood bank refrigerator

Precise temperature control system

The worldwide famous high-accuracy computer-controlled temperature system with original binding can maintain the temperature constancy in the box at 4±1°C precisely.
The temperature set-value can be adjusted at 26°C, and the temperature display precision is 0.1℃, the resolution is 0.1°C and the adjusting increment is 0.1℃.
The value is to be displayed through three-digital high-brightness figure.
The system has special high-resolution temperature calibrating function.
That means the set-value figure can be displayed and calibrated at 28°C. The calibrating increment is 0.1°C.
The forced cold-air circulation system with intelligence-control fan can ensure the temperature uniformity inside the box.

24-hours tracing, recording and printing system (Optional)

The imported temperature recording and printing system. There are four precise temperature sensors
(two sensors for some systems) inside the box and two temperature indicators outside the box, which
are to display the temperature of upper and lower point, for users to supervise the temperature at each
operating states in the box. The display precision--resolution is 0.1°C.
The distinguished power-off memory function can hold and store huge temperature data and
information permanently.
The temperature printing has password protection function, which can prevent illegally printing of the
temperature fluctuation information.
5-ways alarm system: including 2 sound alarm devices with 220V power supply, 2 light alarm devices
with 220V power supply and one remote signal alarm apparatus (optional), consisting the super
complementary supervision system.
The data management software is available for one or more temperature signals changes
Communicate with PC through RS-232 interface to examine the temperature curve diagnosis diagram
of one or more refrigerators and display the data sheet. The data and images can be stored, inquired
and printed


Safe control system
Keyboard lock, password protection function, and method against missing-adjustment of the
operating parameter;
Setting of the alarm temperature range.
7 system failure alarms (high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensors failure alarm, dooropening
alarm, electricity failure alarm, low back-up battery alarm, low voltage alarm).
Code display of the failure position (some machines have all these seven alarms);
Three alarm ways (buzzer alarm, flashing alarm, remote signal alarm)
The starting delay function due to self-checking and the interval protection function between
temporary stop and start can ensure the reliable operation;
The system can record the condition of the maximum and the minimum temperature inside the box
automatically without recording paper.
With the specially designed function, the system can operate under the state of sensor failure or the
state of numerical disturbance safely and automatically.
The operating parameter display function can ensure that the system is under supervision by operator
and with security and stability.
Equipped with remote alarm interface;
The distinguished operating parameter of the temperature control system can separate the operator
menu from the supervisor menu, which can locate the respective responsibility of the operating
parameter and the article storage.
The inbuilt lithium accumulator can keep displaying the temperature inside the box and can keep the
light and sound alarm available for 72 hours after electricity failure.
Optional items
The EPS emergency supply is adoptable;
The DC24V-AC220V inverter is adoptable, and the DC24V power supply can keep the refrigerator
under normal operation.

Humanization design

Adopt the specialized stainless steel blood holder, which is easy to use and the blood state can be
seen clearly from outside of the window;
High-quality adjustable stand of plastic coated steel wire can make the operation and the cleaning
The large-screen design is easy for observation.
The safe lock design can prevent missing-opening.
Wide voltage band is available for 187242V voltage.
The refrigerator body is made of high-quality structural steel plate, which is treated with advanced
phosphate rot-proof spray coating processing.
The surface color is soft.
Double transparent insulation glazed door, filled with inert gas.
The power saving lamps on the body can light the whole space inside the refrigerator.
The double high-transparent synthetic glass little-door can prevent large cold air from spilling when the door is opened.



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