Oven BJPX Series

innotech Oven - BJPX Series

Heating and Drying Oven

  • With Microcomputer control (PID controlling)
  • LED display, audio and visual alarm
  • Two stainless steel shelves with height adjustable
  • Chamber temperature ±5-300°C, temperature fluctuation ±0.5°C
  • Advanced air passage, low noise, stable performance and adjustable airflow

Available in models:

  • BJPX-Spring, 2 shelves, power consumption 1600W, chamber size 400x400x450mm, external size 590x540x790mm


  • BJPX-Summer, 2 shelves, power consumption 2200W, chamber size 450x550x550mm, external size 640x690x890mm


  • BJPX-Autumn, 2 shelves, power consumption 2400W, chamber size 500x600x750mm, external size 690x740x1090mm


  • BJPX-Winter, 2 shelves, power consumption 4800W, chamber size 800x700x1140mm, external size 1082x977x1330mm





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