Medical Equipment BK6100

innotech Medical Equipment - BK6100

Automatic Hematology Analyzer model BK6100

- Safe to operate
- Carry-over protection by automatic probe interior and exterior washing
- Both whole blood and prediluted blood test modes are available
- Automatic self-checking and warning function
- Automatic standby function
- Safe reagent without any harm to environment
- Full automatic
- Throughput : 60 tests / hr
- Assay items : 22 parameters, 3 parts differential of WBC
- Sample volume : 13ul (whole blood), 20ul (prediluted blood)
- Measuring principle : Electro-impedance, photometric analysis

- Parameter :
The total amount of WBC (WBC), The amount of Lymphocyte (Ly), The amount of Monocyte (MO), The amount of Granulocyte (GR), Lymphocyte percentage (Ly%), The percentage of mononuclear cells (MO%), Granulocyte percentage (GR%), The total amount of red blood cells (RBC), Hemoglobin (HGB), Hematocrit (HCT), Mean volume of red blood cells (MCV), Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH), Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC), Red blood cell volume distribution width Coefficient of variation (RDW-CV), The standard deviation of red blood cell volume distribution width (RDW-SD), The total amount of platelet (PLT), Mean platelet volume (MPV), Plateletcrit (PCT), Platelet distribution width (PDW), White blood cell distribution histogram (WBC Histogram), Red blood cell distribution histogram (RBC Histogram), Platelet distribution histogram (PLT Histogram)

- Lienarity range : WBC = 0.0-99.9 (X 109/L); HGB = 0.0-300 (g/L); RBC = 0.0-9.99 (X 1012/L); PLT = 0-999 (X 109/L)
- Accuracy (CV%) : WBC 2.0%; PLT 5.0%; HCT 2.0%; MCH 2.0%; RBC 1.5%; HGB 1.5%; MCV 1.0%; MCHC 2.0%; PCT 3.0%; MPV 3.0%; PDW 3.0%

- Display : LCD
- Storage : 200,000 results including histograms
- Output : One RS232, one PS/2 and two USB. Available for LIS
- Printer : Built-in thermal printer, USB to external printer (optional)
- Data input : Keypad (mouse and keyboard available)
- QC : Automatically calculates X, SD, CV% and saves data
- Language : English and Spanish. Other language on request
- Power Supply : AC110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz
- Dimension : 43cm x 32cm x 50.5cm
- Weight : 20.00 kg


Brosur : Sorry, not available

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